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Once I’ve applied my daily makeup in the morning, it’s rare I ever go to reapply anything – and when it comes to days I’m not at my desk, even more so. Maybe I’m just lazy (did you not know that looking like a potato is so in) but it’s something I often forget to check up on, so I tend to only carry around the most fuss-free makeup products there is in my everyday bag.

In terms of my base, once it’s done in the morning, it’s pretty much done for the rest of the day. That’s not to say I’ve cracked the perfect base combo (I’m still working on that one) but I generally don’t struggle with my makeup sliding around too much, and the only thing I ever reach for midday is a little concealer. It may be a little excessive but I typically carry around two different concealers around me, the Seventeen Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair (which is unfortunately discontinued… so grab it while you still can!) which I’d say is a medium-dewy coverage and my trust Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair (A NEW PALER SHADE *cues celebrations*) that is full-coverage with more of a matte finish. I typically carry the two depending on whether blemishes or dark circles need attending too (cakey under eyes are a real no no for me!) but I equally love how both of these concealers are available in shades pale enough for me and I know I don’t have to worry about them oxidising throughout the day.

As well as concealer, I’ll often carry around two lipsticks too – both nude, and yes, you’ve guessed it – one with a matte finish and the other with a gloss/satin finish. I’m really into nude shades right now, so typically I’ve found myself reaching for the MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy that reached cult status a few years ago. It lasts pretty much all day for me and I find it to be a colour that really suits my complexion. My other lip product of choice at the minute is the Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolour in Sand, which I picked up a couple of months ago now. I wouldn’t say it’s the most pigmented of formulas, but it leaves a lovely wash of colour (and I often struggle to get nude shades to really show up on my natural lip colour) and only needs the odd top up.

And if I’m feeling extra on the ball, I’ll often carry around a mascara with me too. In my bag at the minute is the Ciate Wonderwand which I’ve never really heard many speak about, but trust me when I say it’s a good’un. I’m super picky when it comes to mascara, as I often favour quite a dramatic lash and need something that won’t run down my cheeks (always a good look) and won’t clump up too much, neither of which this mascara does. It’s a super volumising formula that works on both my upper and lower lashes and I’m sort of obsessed. LOVE. IT.

So what’s your makeup on the go products? I’m looking to branch into a powder next..! 



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  1. 16th February 2018 / 6:08 pm

    This Revlon Lipstick is one of my favourites! Always have it in my handbag!

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