Ways To Effectively Declutter Your Wardrobe*

When it comes to my wardrobe, as much as I like things to be neatly organised, things can get a little crazy very quickly. I’ll admit that I always fall for fast fashion, and after one too many trips to Primark, my wardrobe is often bursting at the seams with clothing I’ll once or twice then get bored of. I recently de-cluttered my bedroom and noticing how much it positively affected my mental health, decided it was about time I tackled my wardrobe. When it comes to material objects, I can easily become quite attached to things and the story behind them, so for me decluttering can be quite a challenge. However I discovered a few ways that helped so I thought I’d share those tips with you.

  1. Find a way which works for you – The first thing I did to clear my wardrobe was to pull out the pieces of clothing I knew I wanted to part with. We’ve all got them, those items of clothing that we’re bored of or never wear. With those items aside, the easiest way I found was to take out all of my clothing and lay them out into sorted piles – i.e. jumpers, dresses, blouses etc. This way it allowed me to really establish whether something was necessary in my wardrobe (for example, if I had two very similar pieces, keeping both was silly) which in turn helped me be a little more ruthless.
  2. Decide on those pieces you want to keep first – After putting my clothing into piles, it was easy for me to decide on which pieces I reached for the most and definitely wanted to keep. I’m terrible for keeping clothing I really love but never wear, mainly because they don’t fit, so I had to have a little word with myself, but by restraining myself to only keeping those ‘must have’ pieces to ones I wear on a weekly basis, it made it a little simpler.
  3. Be strict with those ‘maybe’ pieces – Once I’d chosen which pieces I wanted to give away, and those I wanted to keep, I was left with a pretty hefty pile of ‘maybes’. To tackle this, I went through a process of asking a selection of questions: Have I worn it in the last 6 months? Do I feel my best when I wear this? Am I realistically going to wear it again? If I were downsizing my wardrobe, would this be kept? Any of these which answered no, I chose to part with them.
  4. Remember clothes don’t have feelings – For those pieces I was really struggling with, I found myself looking back on past memories I associated with them. An example of this, is a tatty old denim jacket that I used to wear when I spent my teenage years at gigs every other day. I haven’t worn it in 5 years, and it’s taking up a lot of space, so something to keep in mind that weirdly helped me was that clothing is just clothing. It doesn’t have attachments. It doesn’t have feelings. It’s just a thing. By choosing to get rid of a piece of clothing isn’t going to make those memories attached to them vanish.
  5. Take a step back and re-evaluate – By treating myself to some new pink and white wire hangers, it really allowed me to see how I want my wardrobe to look like visually (because trust me, an aesthetically pleasing rail really helps keep you inspired). Once everything was back in my wardrobe (sorted my not only colour but by category too), I was able to see the pieces that didn’t really fit. Those pieces that I liked, yet didn’t complement my other clothing. I’m a huge believer in mixing fast fashion with classic styles, however I often make the mistake of buying into trends that don’t really suit the rest of my wardrobe. By doing this and establishing what I have in my wardrobe of keep pieces, it allows me to recognise those styles to steer clear of.
  6. Chose where you’d like your clothes to go – Getting rid of clothing is so much easier once you’ve decided where you’d like those items to go. There is lots of options, but for me in this instance, I chose to separate the pieces into 4 categories; those to give to charity, those to give to friends/family, those to Depop (typically only those pieces that are worth a little more) and those for Enviroclothes. Enviroclothes* is a North-East based company that buys your clothing from you by the kg, which is a great way of making a little extra cash. They have two options – you can visit one of their local drop off points (there are a number of them in the region) or if you postcode begins with NE, DH and SR, you can organise for them to pick up from your house. With either options, your clothing will be quickly checked (to ensure it’s of good quality – not marked, damaged etc) and then it’ll be collectively weighed and you’ll be paid cash in hand depending on the weight of your donation. They’re a local brand who believe clothing should receive a second chance, which I think is great – especially as someone who often wears pieces once or twice before getting bored of them. The clothing is redistributed around the world, so it’s very heart-warming that someone else can have the same enjoyment out of some clothing I once loved too. Plus, if you’re not bothered about those extra pennies, then if you decide to, Enviroclothes will donate all of your money to help save lives – they’re currently collecting to buy more defibrillators around the NE.

    Ps. If you decide to try out Enviroclothes for yourself, then you can quote ‘Amy Rebair’ when your clothes are picked up and you’ll get 50p per kilo rather than 4op as an offer!


Have you got any wardrobe decluttering tips? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

(P.s. – This post is collaboration with Enviroclothes, but all words and thoughts are my own!)


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