My Summer Clothing Shopping List*

In an attempt to be a little better with my spending habits (dat freelance life), I’ve been trying to get into the habit of planning my wardrobe cleverly and working out the pieces I’m missing. Those things that I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of and won’t find myself uploading to depop in a few weeks time because I got bored of them. I’m still a big fan of trend pieces, but I’m trying to be careful with which items I decide to spend my money on, so I thought a little summer shopping list would be the best way to do it!

  • Blazers

Up until recently, I’d never been one for blazers. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they look on people and I’m always pinning away at them over on my Pinterest boards but I never thought I could pull them off properly. However, this season I’m really loving the relaxed vibe of them, especially those that are in brighter colours. I’ve found myself drawn to those styling them with jeans or cropped kick flares (which we all know are my absolute fave), so this Summer I’d like to give it a go myself. I picked up a bargain cream double-breasted blazer at my local Tesco the other week to see if I’d get much wear from one, and it’s barely left my back since so I’m currently eyeing up the one I want!

    • Formal Summer Dresses

When it comes to dressing, I’ve recently been finding myself wearing purely jeans and tees on a day to day basis, so dressing up is a pretty foreign concept for me. I’ve got a few exciting things coming up this season, and seeing as I’ve never been to a Summer wedding before I’ve been feeling a little lost on what sort of thing to go for. I spotted this page over on Coast¬†whilst looking for ideas, which is filled with lots of suggestions on what I’d be best to wear. Now, I have too much to choose from, but I’m thinking some subtle pastels may be the winner.

    • Pointed flats

If you’re a little eagle-eyed, you may have noticed I’m practically living in my Converse at the moment in all of my outfit posts, and I’m starting to get bored of seeing them on here myself. I used to have a pair of pointed flats with a slight block heel that I wore all of the time, but a couple of months ago they split in half (oops) so I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of replacements ever since. I’ve tried a few pairs, that have all consequently ripped up my ankles since, so I’m hoping I finally find the perfect ones this Summer. They’re such a practical shoe to have in your wardrobe as they’re comfy (if you find the right pair) and can easily dress up any outfit. Plus, if you’re on the shorter side like me, they make you look slightly taller and every little helps, right?!

    • Motif t-shirts

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m all about that t-shirt and jeans combo that you can so easily just fling on every day. Whilst striped tops are always gonna be my fave, this season I’m really enjoying fun and quirky motif t-shirts. The high-street is basically fun of them with loads of different slogans, so I’m always looking for ones to add to my collection. They’re a great way of adding some colour into an outfit, and with most having super affordable price tags, I know the price per wear is going to be super minimal.

    • Everyday ‘fits all essentials’ bag

If you’ve met me in real life, you’ll know that I’m always a bag lady. Leaving the house with only one bag is practically unheard of for me, as I stupidly tend to buy bags that only a fit in a few things and not all of the essentials that I often carry around with me day to day. So I’m looking to buy myself something a little more practical that’ll be my own Mary Poppins bag and fit in all of necessities. Since it’s going to have to go with most of my outfits, I’m thinking it would be a better idea of mine if I went for a neutral colour and something with straps that aren’t going to break within a few uses (because isn’t that the worst?!) but knowing me… we’ll see!

So what’s on your Summer shopping list?

(Ps. This post is in collaboration with Coast but all words and thoughts are my own!)



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  1. 29th June 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Love the flat pointy shoes, especially the ones with the bows, very cute!

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