Tips On Working From Home

As bloggers, many hours can be spent at the weekends and evenings typing up posts, editing photographs, scheduling social media etc. It can be rather tricky at times to stay inspired and motivated, so in the past few years I’ve learnt some tips along the way which have seriously helped me and my productivity levels that I thought I’d share with you today!

Make yourself an inspiring workspace – One of my main priorities when it comes to working from home is getting my environment just write. I like to surround myself with things that keep me inspired and don’t distract me from my task in hand. For a lot of my blogging I tend to work from a tiny desk in my room, filled with my favourite reads, plenty of notebooks (because notebooks) and of course, all of the copper stationery (stapler, pen & tape dispenser – Tom Dixon set from Mayfair Home Furniture) – aren’t these featured in the above photograph incredible?! They are all of the stationery goals, right?! I like to make sure everything I could possibly need is within reaching distances, because let’s be honest a quick 5 minute break to get a drink always turns into an hour!

Have a clear difference between where you work and where you relax – Related to the above point, it is so so so important to have a different space to work and a different space to relax. For the longest time, I used to write each blog post whilst sat comfortably in bed and then I realised, whenever I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep because I felt guilty for not doing work. I’d stress over what was still left on my to do list, what I could be doing with my time and what I’m struggling with – none of which were healthy, and actually led me to numerous sleepless nights and anxiety attacks, which I can confirm are not fun! I’ve since started doing my work elsewhere, and I’ve noticed a huge difference; I’m able to sleep well (for me) and I don’t feel bad for choosing to relax over doing work.

Get into a routine – This is something I really struggle with, but getting into a day to day routine is so important. Set your alarm for a sensible time, make sure you get dressed, make your bed (because it can be all too tempting to blog from there!) and give yourself a cut off time at the end of the day. Everyone works their best differently, so take that into account and create a schedule around that – depending on which times of the day is your most productive!

If a task is only going to take 2 minutes, do it straight away! – I love a good to-do list, but one thing I’ve learnt, is that if a task is going to take a couple of minutes, then instead of putting it off, it’s  quicker (and more productive) to just get it done and out of the way. Maybe it’s just me, but it gets me feeling more ready to work and in the mindset that I need to be in to get my jobs of the day done.

Eliminate distractions – It can be really easy to get distracted when doing work, especially so when in your home, so trying to eliminate any distraction is a must. For me, if I really need to knuckle down, I’ll switch my phone to airplane mode, try and find a quiet area to work in and close all social media tabs from my macbook. And if something is really bugging me, I’ll tell myself that I’ll have a 5 minute break for every task that’s completed – whether than 20 more photographs edited or 100 more words written.

Plan your day – At the start of each day, I like to make sure I know what plans I’ve got for the day ahead. It stops me from procrastinating so much and I find it makes me more productive on a day to day basis. You’ve got to be pretty harsh with yourself and think, would this be acceptable to do at work? If not, you probably should get focussed on doing your task.

Maintain a social life and get outside – Working from home can be really lonely at times, and falling into a routine of sitting alone in your house day in day out and not doing much else is super unhealthy. A few weeks ago now, I found myself in a position where I couldn’t afford to get a bus into town or anything. So instead of going for walks around where I live, I sat in my house for weeks on end, and it wasn’t my finest idea. I felt my mental health worsen and it was a generally bad time for me. So it’s crucial to ensure you spend time outside of your house and with other people. For me, I love spending my evenings catching up my friends. Don’t let work overlap with your life!

So what are your tips on working from home? I’d love to hear your suggestions!



  1. 8th August 2016 / 12:30 pm

    I love all of these tips – I blog alongside a full time job and sometimes it's hard to motivate myself to get things done after a 9 – 5. Great tips to keep in mind 🙂
    JH |

  2. 14th August 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Love this post Amy! Great tips. Absolutely love your blog layout too. X

  3. ali
    22nd September 2017 / 5:15 pm

    the Hummingbird Bakery so much! You need to try a red velvet next time, the best! X

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