My Summer Body And Haircare Essentials

With bare leg season upon us, it’s certainly time to start cracking out all of the summer body (and hair) essentials out. Since I’m headed abroad next week to a much sunnier climate, I’m in total pamper mode all ready. From gradual tanners to body exfoliators and hair products, I thought I’d go through the products I’m really loving using right now.

Palmers Natural Bronze – Let’s be honest now, I’m naturally incredibly pale. It’s not something that’s ever really bothered me, and after many allergic reactions to past gradual tanners I’d tried in the past, I’ve never really been one to care for fake tan. However, this year I thought I’d give it another go, and when I spotted this Palmers Natural Bronze on sale in my local Boots, I decided to try it out. And I have to say, I absolutely love it. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been applying it all over with a mitt every other day and it’s perfect for me. It adds a little colour to my skin without being too in your face and apart from a few mishaps (one shin won’t tan at all, pfft) it’s been relatively streak-free which is saying something from a total tanning novice like me. I’ll certainly be repurchasing this time and time again!

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue* – Confession time, I’m really really rubbish when it comes to using a heat protectant on my hair. And this is coming from the girl who curls her hair every time she leaves the house, eeek. So you can imagine it was starting to get a little damaged and generally not looking its best. That was, until I started using this in my haircare routine. I spray it lightly all over my hair when it’s still damp and I’ve found it really help not only strengthen my hair, but also add some much needed shine. I know this is going to be great when I’m on holiday next week too to help prevent the sun from drying it out further.

Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturiser* – Whilst I wouldn’t say my hair is in the worst condition ever, it often gets quite dry and frizzy in this humid weather. As I suffer with horribly thin hair, many conditioners tend to weigh my hair down which isn’t the look I go for, however, this moisturiser has been a real pleasure to use over the past month or so. Instead of using this each time I wash my hair, I choose to use this once a week to really give it that extra bit of nourishment. I don’t find it too heavy for my fine hair and love how I see instant results in its condition.

Lush Cup O’Coffee Exfoliator – With a gradual tanner in my routine, I thought it was about time I’d try make a habit of exfoliating. Along with exfoliating gloves being a real life-saver (seriously, they are a must!), I’ve thoroughly been enjoying this Lush Exfoliator. Described as being a face and body exfoliator mask, it’s certainly too harsh to use on my face unfortunately, but it’s been a dream to use on my body. I tend to target this on my elbows and knees especially (you know, those places where tan likes to gather) where I’ll apply it, leave it for 10 minutes, then gently scrub off. I don’t use it every day, but I know that if I need that extra bit of help with exfoliating, this is a great product.

Lush D’Fluff Shaving Foam – Shaving burn is the worst, yes? But I think I’ve found the answer in this Lush Shaving Foam. It not only smells amazing (it contains strawberries, golden syrup and cocoa butter, need I say more) it has left my legs in particular looking the best they have in a long time. It helps me get a much closer shave and leaves everything feeling silky smooth.

Foreo Mini Luna 2* – Ok, so maybe not just a summer essential, this little nifty tool has completely changed my skincare routine. I’ve already wrote a full review on this so I’ll keep it short, but I’d be lost without this. I tend to use it morning and night and I’ve noticed such a big difference in my skin since. It really is as good as they all say.

So what are your favourite summer haircare and body products?


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