A Weekend in York

Outfit Details: Coat – Topshop (similar here), Jumper – Primark (similar here), Skirt – Primark (similar here), Shoes – Converse, Hat – H&M (similar here)

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I spent my weekend over in York attending a rather special event on Friday evening. You know those emails you get that you have to double check it’s actually real before replying? Well, a month or so ago I got one of those; inviting me along to a fashion event organised by York Uni and The Northern Youth. A fashion event hosted by none other than the Anna Wintour. As someone who has aspired to work within fashion journalism for as long as I can remember, I’ve always idolised Anna Wintour but never in a million years expected to ever see her in person, especially being a Northern based blogger who struggles to leave the house most days. However, on Friday evening, I went down to York with my mam and met up with the lovely Lucy and Amy for the most surreal experience with a lot of fangirling and ‘o-m-g-is-this-real’ moments. Unfortunately we never got a chance to speak to Anna Wintour personally (she was walking towards us but sadly got pulled away, boo) but her talk was truly inspiring and filled with the most wonderful advice that I’m sure will stick with me for a long long time. The fashion show itself was incredible too with pieces all from local designers and fashion students, showing just what talent the North really has. Being invited onto the front row of such an event, with a very worthy course (the money itself went towards the Refugee Crisis), was truly special and it was certainly an evening I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. So thank you to the people over at Hard Magazine who invited me along!

Wanting to make a little weekend out of it, me and my mam decided to stay in a local hotel and have a day of exploring York on Saturday. For a place that is relatively local (well, if you call 2 hours by car local…) it’s not somewhere I’ve visited very much however, it truly is one of the most lovely places. From the famous Shambles, to the cobbled streets and Betty’s tea rooms (I couldn’t not leave without macarons now could I?) I had the absolute best time and I’m already planning to return once it warms up a little.

I was originally planning to photograph the outfit that I wore for the fashion event itself, however, lack of lighting and some rather icky weather made it difficult on the day – but I’m sure it’ll be going up on a post in the very near future. So, instead I decided to photograph this, slightly more comfy, outfit I wore to explore on Saturday, albeit between snow showers and a lot of ducking indoors.

Now we all know how much I love a good hat. Whether that be a Fedora, a Beret or the newest to my collection, a Baker Boy Cap, I’m sort of obsessed. And although I do sort of resemble a train driver whenever I wear it, I completely love it and it’s already had a lot of wear. A total bargain (i.e. it was £2 in the sale!) I’m super happy to have found it and although I certainly won’t be looking anywhere near as cool as the January Vogue cover (we all know the one I’m talking about) I’m going to give it a try. I often find all-black outfits pretty difficult to pull off – major kudos to those who do – so I of course had to bring my leopard print coat back out. I did warn you you’re probably going to see it a lot of times over on this blog, but I just can’t get over how versatile it is. I’m on a real budget right now until I find a job and I was really hesitant that splashing out on a print coat would be something I’d regret, however it’s easily the best £40 I’ve spent in a long time. A real wardrobe staple for me now!

So what have you been up to this weekend? Anything exciting?

P.s. – I’ve got a new shop page, where I’ll be creating a new wishlist every other week of all the things I’ve had my eye on, both high-street and high-end so please check it out!



  1. 1st February 2016 / 10:06 pm

    I still haven't found the perfect leopard print coat! it's been like 5 years and counting! love the outfit! & also a £2 hat you cannot go wrong! xx
    isobel's personal style blog

  2. 2nd February 2016 / 10:37 am

    SO beautiful! That coat looks gorg on you!! x


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