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As a self-confessed nail polish addict, there’s nothing I enjoy more than to spend my evenings giving myself a little manicure and trying a new nail colour. Which is really ironic since I tend to spend the next day picking the nail varnish off as a really bad habit, but we all have our downfalls.. oops.

I thought I’d go through some of my favourites nail colours and tools that I’ve been reaching for time and time again. First up, to get my nails nicely shaped and ready to paint, I’ve been using the latest product in the Styfile range which I was kindly sent to me to try out recently. I’ve always loved the original, as I find the S shape perfect for shaping nails, but this new product has a buffering side as well as a few added tools which makes it an excellent manicure kit. In terms of base coat, I tend to just go for whatever is in offer in my local Boots, but I’ve been really enjoying this Rimmel Nail Nurse Rescue which has helped strengthen my nails an awful lot.

In terms of nail colours, while my nails are a little shorter at the moment, I’ve been wearing either a nude or a pastel colour which I think suit my nails better. I received this Models Own HyperGel Polish in Naked Glow in a gift set over a Christmas, and it’s that perfect barely-there shade. What I’d describe as a pale nude, I love to wear it on those days where my nails are looking a little worse for wear, but still need that somethin’ somethin’ – plus it’s incredibly long-lasting formula means you don’t have to worry about it chipping for a good few days after application. Another colour which I wear almost on a weekly basis, is a Topshop nail polish in Birthday Suit (that I received as a birthday gift, ironically enough) which is what I’d describe as a muted turquoise shade. I love the formula of Topshop nail polishes in general, as I find they don’t chip easily, but I’ve found this polish in particular to be a dream to apply. It’s creamy but not overly thick, still managing to apply fully opaque in two coats – a rarity when it comes to lighter shades. I’ve also been loving Essie’s nail polish in Navigate Me that is described as being a light green, which again has a lovely formula to work with. It’s an ideal season transition colour, and one that I found isn’t talked about as much as it really should be.


What nail polishes are your favourite? I’d love to try some new shades out!

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