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Lone Wolf Magazine – c/o Unique Magazines

As someone who studies Fashion Journalism at University, it’s pretty safe to assume that I’m big on fashion magazines (well, just print in general) and I read them on a daily basis. I’ll put my hands up and admit that I really dislike magazines in digital form such as on apps and such. I’m definitely more old school when it comes to it all, which is why I’ve chose to launch my own magazine as part of my university dissertation. Whilst that’s still very much in the pipelines (but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of posts going live about it soon!) I’ve been scouring the shelves for as big a variety as I can find of different fashion magazines – to help inspire me with feature ideas, photo shoot planning and design suggestions.

So, when the lovely people over at Unique Magazines asked if I’d like to check out their service, and the vast range of magazines which they sell – I jumped on the chance. I was incredibly surprised to discover it’s actually a local business (hooray!) and I was even more surprised when I had a browse of their site and discovered just how many magazines they supply. I’d like to think I’m pretty clued up with fashion print, however there were loads I’d never even heard of (and already have my eye on!). In the end I decided to go with Lone Wolf magazine first, which is a quarterly fashion magazine based in San Francisco. It’s cover is what drew my attention straight away, with it looking similar to a favourite read of mine – Lula. Describing itself as a fashion magazine which reads like a story book, I was intrigued when I found out that this magazine actually has themed chapters, such as Fashion Culture and Analysis, Philosophy and History – which is a feature I’ve never encountered before. With a minimal-based design aesthetic and matte paper giving it that luxury feel, it varies between lengthy discussion pieces, as well runway reports and a whole lot of inspiring editorials. A really great read, and one I’d recommend to anyone interested in the types of fashion magazines which aren’t necessarily trend-focussed.

It retails at £6.99 an issue which I think is incredibly reasonable for a magazine which is released each season, as it’s definitely one of those magazines you’d be proud to keep on your coffee table – not a one read wonder by any means!


I’m hoping to create this into a series of various fashion magazines which I love to read but aren’t necessarily the ones you’d see in the paper shops. Which are your favourites?

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  1. 25th February 2015 / 5:51 pm

    I love love love print magazines, digital ones just aren't the same! This looks like the most stunning magazine, I love the colours and layout x

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